Patrol Report

Patrol Dispatched

Alarms All Other 1

Barking Dog 3

Animals Misc. 1

Animal Rules Leash 1

Animals Lost and Found 4

Auto Accidents 1

Bee Complaints 0

Cones Placed 6

Debris on Road 8

Damage to Property 5

Dead Animal Pickup 22

Disabled Vehicle 1

Disturbance 2

Dust Dirt Complaint 0

Escort Guest/Homeowner 8

Flag and Sign Violations 3

Flat Tire Assistance 1

Gate Malfunctions 19

Golf Cart Tow 17

Golf Course Rules 1

Holiday or Sign Violations 93

Home Owner/Guest Assistance 17

House Vacation Watch 128

Jump Start 20

Lighting Rules 0

Lost and Found 4

Miscellaneous 49

Pool Rules 1

RFID’s Installed 136

Soliciting 4

Speeding Complaint by H/O 2

Suspicious Act/Person 6

Theft 0

Water Leak 20

Welfare Check 6

Weeds 0

Total Dispatches for Month 590

Violation/Courtesy Notices/Warnings

Driveway Parking 12

Disabled Parking Violations 3

Fire Lane Parking 3

Garage Door 72

Illegal Gate Entry 10

Expired Passes 0

RV Violations 6

Parking on Unpaved Surface 2

Street Parking 32

Trash Rules 38

Speeding Tickets/Warnings Issued 12

Stop Sign Courtesy/Tickets Issued 17

Total 207

Gate 8 Construction Gate 665

Main HO Gates Count 100,347

January Reminders

The National Highway Traffic Safety Commission says approximately 75% of pedestrian accidents involving walkers, runners, and bikers occur during dusk, dawn, and night. The number of fatalities involving bikers is 50%.

Just wearing light colored clothing increases visibility by 65%. Wearing light colored clothing with reflective material and blinkers, or some form of light, increases visibility for walkers an amazing 225%.

Walkers, runners, and bikers, please light it up with reflective clothing and lights. Keep on the sidewalks whereever possible. Walk facing the traffic if you need to walk in the street.

Be safe, ride, walk, or run and dress for safety.