Pancho Epstein Pickleball Club Championship Medalists

2020-21 PebbleCreek Pickleball Club board members (left to right): Judy Parker, Wade Johnson, Melodie Boyer, Jim Barbe, and Robin Weaver

2020-21 PebbleCreek Pickleball Club board members (left to right): Judy Parker, Wade Johnson, Melodie Boyer, Jim Barbe, and Robin Weaver

Cynthia Schwartz

The 2020-21 PebbleCreek Pickleball Club board organized and hosted the Pancho Epstein PebbleCreek Pickleball Club Championship. More than 130 doubles teams competed over three days for medals in skill level brackets. Wade Johnson, tournament chairman, was assisted by other board members and a team of club member volunteers. Thanks go out to the 2020-21 board for a great tournament!

Jim Barbe, president, commented, “After a difficult year enduring COVID restrictions and closures, the 2021 Pancho Epstein PebbleCreek Pickleball Club Championship was a huge success. The competition was fierce and it was a tremendous joy to see all of the players and spectators maskless and enjoying the tournament. The tournament was highlighted by some dramatic matches that had teams coming back from the opportunity bracket and winning gold medals. It was riveting action that had large crowds oohing and ahhing over incredible athletic moves and sensational shot-making. I anticipate a much more fun year moving forward especially since the City Council has now unanimously approved the rezoning of land so that the construction of our new pickleball complex can begin in the next few months.”

Listed below are the 2021 Pancho Epstein PebbleCreek Pickleball Club Championship medalists:

Women’s Doubles 2.5-3.0 Skill Level

Gold: Cindy Mack/Donna Tessmer

Silver: Libbie McClaflin/Stella Mitchell

Bronze: Joanne Biddix/Kit May

Women’s Doubles 3.5 Skill Level

Gold: Wendy Langhals/Ann Elliott

Silver: Kathy Hubert-Wyss/Ellen Enright

Bronze: Sue Crawford/Paula Tlachac

Women’s Doubles 4.0 Skill Level

Gold: Renee Salko/Pam Smith

Silver: Karyn Barbe/Tamara Ramsey

Bronze: Robin Weaver/Candy Rickard

Women’s Doubles 4.5/5.0 Skill Level

Gold: Jill Lewis/Jo Comstock

Silver: Lynn Lionhardt/Maggie Charlton

Bronze: Renee deLassus/Andrea Dilger

Men’s Doubles 2.5/3.0 Skill Level

Gold: Jerry Johnson/Spike Razem

Silver: Brian McClaflin/Bill Dougherty

Bronze: Bill Cagle/Randy Morrow

Men’s Doubles 3.5 Skill Level

Gold: Rich Holden/Brad Reinschmidt

Silver: Chris Johnson/Larry Lovell

Bronze: Cookie Kuk/Irving Armstrong

Men’s Doubles 4.0 Skill Level

Gold: Kevin Hillstrom/Jeff Antrican

Silver: Brad Riley/Joe Sagorsky

Bronze: Dick Spampinato/Howard Locker

Men’s Doubles 4.5/5.0 Skill Level

Gold: Jim Barbe/Terry Long

Silver: Steve Manns/Kerry Krueger

Bronze: Steven Schaefer/Richard Margison

Mixed Doubles 2.5/3.0 Skill Level

Gold: Joanne Biddix/Wade Biddix

Silver: Libbie McClaflin/Brian McClaflin

Bronze: Stella Mitchell/Ron Nelson

Mixed Doubles 3.5 Skill Level

Gold: Lori Reinschmidt/Brad Reinschmidt

Silver: Renee Ellison/Joe Sagorsky

Bronze: Peggy Geiger/Burt Geiger

Mixed Doubles 4.0 Skill Level

Gold: Kathleen Heigh/Howard Locker

Silver: Pam Smith/Brad Riley

Bronze: Karyn Barbe/Mark Baltes

Mixed Doubles 4.5 Skill Level

Gold: Lyla Reibel/Dick Burns

Silver: Renee deLassus/Steven Schaefer

Bronze: Barb Wise/Jeff Tompkins

Mixed Doubles 5.0 Skill Level

Gold: Andrea Dilger/Steve Manns

Silver: Jo Comstock/Tony Wells

Bronze: Dalonna Cooper/Terry Long

Congratulations to all the winners, and thanks to everyone who participated and volunteered.