Paint and Wine Event

Ken Minichiello

Guests hoped the staff at Our Creative Escape could help make them the next Leonardo DaVinci, Michelangelo, or perhaps Raphael.

Members of the Italian American Club enjoyed demonstrating their skills in painting a challenging scene of a wine bottle and glass sitting on a window sill overlooking a typical Italian vineyard. Many of the participants were surprisingly pleased by how well their painting turned out and had a lot of fun. It’s possible the wine helped a bit with their creativity. The Our Creative Escape staff gave such detailed instructions on how to paint this scene that even neophytes with little or no artistic skills had the ability to produce a masterpiece (or not-so-masterpieces).

In the end, no great works of art were discovered. However, the reward for everyone’s effort was to gather afterwards at N-Dub Pizza Pub for pizza, wine, and good conversation. Bottom line, no matter how each painting turned out, it was a fun experience!

A big thank you to Jack and Shelley Coate for the work they did in planning and coordinating this event.