Other Card Results

Cribbage Club

Gary Lind

We continue to welcome back snowbirds. The Cribbage Club has weekly meetings on the first four Thursdays of each month at 1 p.m. in the Tuscany Falls Sienna Room. We start promptly at 1 p.m., so please arrive a little early. The club is open to all PebbleCreek residents interested in playing a friendly game of cribbage. If you don’t know how to play, but are interested in learning, come join us for an afternoon of fun, and we will teach you how to play. If you have a cribbage board and deck of cards, please bring them with you.

We have winners to report from recent meetings:

Nov. 17: Bob Millikan, Gregg Herriford, Betty Dawson

Dec. 1: Donna von Oy, Al Filipponi, Pat Schmitz

Dec. 8: Gary Lind, Sandy Clinton, Sheryl McLaughlin

For more information, please call Gary Lind at 623-215-4601, or Donna von Oy at 623-935-1967.

Euchre Club

The Euchre Club meets every Thursday evening at 6:45 p.m. in the Eagle’s Nest Clubhouse. Play begins promptly at 7 p.m. Bring $1 toward prize money. Come and have a good time.

Recent winners are:

Nov. 10

1st, Dan V, 67

2nd, Barb Clark, 64

3rd, Jack Pope, 62

4th, Pat Sherlock and Olive C, 58

Loners, Janette Ratliff, 5

Low, Mary Ann O’Brien, 28

Nov. 17

1st, Jack Pope and Laura Szaka, 61

2nd, Muriel Milewski, 59

3rd, Carol Hanely, 57

Loners, Tom Reynolds and Mike Prevendar, 3

Low, Mary Ann O’Brien, 36

Dec. 1

1st, George Clark, 70

2nd, Burton Embrey, 58

3rd, Jerry Fox and Jack Pope, 57

Loners, Janette Ratliff, 4

Low, Rob Ratliff, 35

Dec. 8

1st, Jim Hundt, 51

2nd, Bob Ellis, Jerry Fox, and Len Liebowitz, 51

Loners, Sue Ellis, 2

Low, Jim Chyzk, 39


Hearts is played every Monday in the Milan Room of the Tuscany Falls clubhouse. All are welcome. We start promptly at 7 p.m., so please arrive by about 6:45 p.m. Bring $1 towards prize money.

Nov. 7:

1st place: John Wolfe, 125

2nd place: Charlie Kagan, 145

Last place: Chuck Patton, 204

Nov. 14:

1st place: Stan Zdunczyk, 65

2nd place: Charlie Kagan, 90

Last place: Chuck Patton, 182

Nov. 28:

1st place: Janette Ratliff, 72

2nd place: Brian Rothwell, 119

Last place: Jay Hayden, 149


By the time you read this it will be January 2023, so I wish you a belated Happy Holidays and a robust New Year. PebbleCreek continues to grow at a rapid rate. I wish I could say the same for the Pinochle Club. COVID took its toll on many activities, but it is time to get past it and get out and have some fun. Come join us and show off your card skills! The Pinochle Club meets every Thursday night at 6:30 p.m. in the Sienna Room at the Tuscany Falls Clubhouse. Arrival prior to 6:20 p.m. is appreciated since play starts at 6:30 p.m.

November Winners

Nov. 3

1st Place: Skip Holmes, 7,030

2nd Place: Marion Helton, 6,980

3rd Place: Bruce Baird, 6,170

Booby Prize: Larry Soper, 3,630

Nov. 10

1st Place: Shirley Bria, 7,100

2nd Place: Jan Hart, 6,650

3rd Place: Laura Szakacs, 6,630

Booby Prize: Kathy Foord, 3,790

Nov. 17

1st Place: Bruce Baird, 7,230

2nd Place: Marion Helton, 6,850

3rd Place: Kim Holmes, 6,310

Booby Prize: Barb