Oasis Pool Party: PebbleCreek Billiard Club

Johnny Henson

At our Sept. 25 Oasis pool party, we had Greg Goss play for our guests. Leslie Henson was singing with him. The pool party was a lot of fun, and we hope to do a party every month.

We will be buying a ball polisher to polish the billiard balls each week. We started our three-person team league in mid-October. The membership drive is going, and we hope to have everyone pay for 2022 by November. The Billiard Club is up to 60 members and growing. If you like to play pool, consider becoming a member of our club.

The monthly tournament winners:

Tuesday 8-Ball Tournament: Johnny Henson, Bob Macy (twice), Lynn Warren, Rene Lefevre

Friday 9-Ball Tournament: Dan Harris, Bob Macy (twice), Johnny Henson