News from the Shalom Club

Laurie Rosenbloom

Were you there for our traditional Break the Fast dinner? If so, you were one of the many participants who enjoyed a festive meal of bagels, lox, salads and desserts.

Looking forward to our annual Chanukah party to be held at Eagle’s Nest Ballroom on December 2. The evening begins with our traditional lighting of the Menorah followed by a holiday celebration with food, music, singing and dancing. Come prepared to have a good time!

This year President, Vice President, Events Chair and Hospitality Chair are all up for election. This will be discussed further at our general meeting.

Don’t forget about our October meeting on the 21st. This is a special meeting to welcome back everyone from his or her travels and get reacquainted after this long hot summer. I am sure we all have many exciting stories to share. Looking forward to seeing everyone there.

Check out our website for additional information on events and to sign up for activities at

Interested in joining, please contact Lil Wattenberg at [email protected] or 623-536-6245.