New Board Members for PebbleCreek Glass Club

Front to back: Nancy Luth, Stephen Nathan, Kathleen Kowalczyk, and Dominick Travaglini

Introducing the new board members for the PCGC (PebbleCreek Glass Club) 2023-24: Nancy Luth, secretary; Stephen Nathan, president; Kathleen Kowalczyk, vice president; and Dominick Travaglini, treasurer.

Nancy and her husband moved here from Great Falls, Mont., and continue to be snowbirds. Nancy is a retired municipal court judge and presided on the bench for 23 years prior to moving to PC. Nancy has had a lifelong attraction to glass, art, jewelry, and Murano glass, so she was thrilled with the opportunity to learn how fused glass was created. She has been a fixture in the room and is now a board member!

Stephen Nathan, is the current president and will be serving his second year in 2023. Stephen and his husband began building a home in PC in 2004 and moved here permanently in 2007 from Chicago. Stephen began working with stained glass and a year later took a fused glass class and was hooked. He’s been heavily involved since that time. Stephen, in addition to many duties, also stages the windows and gallery every other month for your viewing pleasure! His vision for 2023 is to mentor more people and help others expand their creativity through more classes and instruction.

Kathleen (Kitty) Kowalczyk, is serving as our current vice president. Kitty will continue her work maintaining our studio along with the equipment through 2023. She also keeps members informed of the rules and procedures. Kitty and her husband moved to PC from Northwest Indiana in 2020 after retiring as an RN. They were intrigued by the golf courses and the Creative Arts Center, and now she is a vital part of it, serving the members for what she loves to do!

Our new treasurer, Dominick (Dom) Travaglini, comes to PC from Ocean View, Del. Dom and his wife retired in 2016 as an aerospace engineer, formerly working on the Tomahawk Missile, Galileo Space Probe, and the Mars Exploration Rover. They moved here in 2016 and became extremely interested in working with glass. Although relatively new to the craft, he jumped right in to volunteering and is serving the club through 2024.

The new board members are in full support of the proposed CAC expansion and will do an outstanding job leading the way when this happens. Their collective vision is to expand the knowledge of the members and encourage creativity in everyone. All positions for the PCGC are voluntary and we appreciate their dedication.