Lincoln’s Happiest Day Reenacted

John and Pamela Voehl reenact conversations between President and Mrs. Lincoln, as they prepared for a fateful evening in 1865 at Ford Theater.

Patricia Ingalls

On Fri., Feb. 23, at 7 p.m., in PebbleCreek’s Renaissance Theater, Lincoln living-history presenters John and Pamela Voehl will portray private conversations that President and Mrs. Lincoln may have shared April 14, 1865, before leaving for their fateful evening at Ford’s Theater.

Five days earlier, word had reached Washington that Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee had unconditionally surrendered the Army of Northern Virginia to Gen. U. S. Grant. That signified a death blow to the Confederacy, after four years of war and death. Lincoln’s heavy burden is finally lessened, and the relief he feels is obvious. He and his wife could finally treat themselves to an enjoyable, relaxing evening at Ford’s Theater. Audience members join them at the White House and hear their last full conversation before leaving for the theater.

This incredible portrayal of the last few hours the Lincolns would enjoy together enacts the conversations and emotions the Lincolns must have been feeling during those moments, before history was changed forever.

John Voehl is a nationally recognized Abraham Lincoln Presenter and Historian, based in the Denver area, having shared more than 1,700 Lincoln living-history experiences in all 50 states, including 377 senior’s groups. Pamela Voehl has partnered with John to showcase the Lincoln couple. The Voehls are Life Members of the Association of Lincoln Presenters, and John is the secretary. He’s a Colorado Endowment for the Humanities Chautauqua Speaker. They are Charter Members of the Victorian Society of Colorado.

Admission is $15 per person and can be purchased online, or with cash in the lobby of the theater one hour prior to the presentation, subject to availability. Up to four admissions can be purchased in one transaction per LLL user account. For full details and to register, go to