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Monday Morning Lectures Return September 21

Lorna Bray and Jill Burnham

During the fall season, LifeLong Learning (LLL) will provide four free lectures that will be held on Mondays at 10 a.m. on Zoom. The first date is Sept. 21, and more information will soon be found on LLL LifeLine, PebbleNews, and the eGroups.

Have you ever wondered how the Palo Verde Generating Station functions? On Oct. 5, Michael McLaughlin, vice president of site services, will explain how the plant operates and answer questions about the plant which is the nation’s largest power producer of any kind. It is also the only nuclear generating facility in the world that is not located adjacent to a large body of above-ground water.

Just in time for the Nov. 3 election, on Oct. 19, Joshua Sellers will discuss voting, the pandemic, and election 2020. He is an associate professor of law at the ASU Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law. Election law is one of his specialties.

On Nov. 2, Rowdy Duncan will present Native American/American Native. What is the experience of Native Americans in Arizona and in the U.S.? What is native? What is Indian? What is indigenous? The experiences of Native Americans in the U.S. are complex. Rowdy has worked in the field of diversity and inclusion for over a decade.

The lectures are free, but registration is required. Registration for each lecture opens 30 days prior to the lecture. Log in to your LLL account at and sign up for the lectures. Each lecture is limited to 100 participants, and there will be a waitlist.

Be Among First to Know

Ruth Shaffer

LifeLong Learning (LLL) is not leaving town—we are simply going virtual. As we continue to adjust to life with COVID-19, LLL is continuing its quest to have quality programs for PebbleCreek residents. You can continue to depend on LLL!

New lectures and classes are being added to the LLL calendar all the time, and PC Reads, the LLL book discussion group, is now meeting on Zoom. Keep informed by signing up for the LLL LifeLine, an e-newsletter that will keep you up to date with all events, and the deadlines to register for them. To add your name to the LifeLine and/or the PC Reads e-newsletter, send your request to [email protected]

We Can All Learn Virtually

Ruth Shaffer

“The world is your oyster” probably has a different meaning today than when it was first coined. The LifeLong Learning (LLL) Virtual Learning Center on the LLL website offers so much of the world at your fingertips. The Lowell Observatory has video of Comet Neowise, in case you missed seeing it in July. Why not save gas by visiting Mt. Rushmore or learn how to draw your shoes.

There is an extensive list on the website, but your ideas are welcome. Send your ideas and recommendations to [email protected]

LLL Classes Return in November

Carole Korzilius

November brings a variety of free Zoom classes, including repeats of popular classes from previous years and some new offerings, and a special in-person class, “Brewing Beer at Home.”

The Zoom classes will be Social Security Planning (Wednesday, Nov. 4), Developing Technologies: Greening our World (Thursday, Nov. 5), How to Plan your End of Life (Tuesday, Nov. 10), Classic Beauty: From Natural to Knockout (Thursday, Nov. 12) and Goodyear at 75 (Thursday, Nov. 19). Watch the LLL website and your email for information about teachers and class times.

Brewing Beer at Home will have a small fee for materials and will have a limited enrollment to ensure social distancing and safety precautions are followed. The class will be offered on Tuesday, Nov. 17.

Visit the website for more details about all events. Class capacity varies but each class will have a waitlist. Registration for all classes begins 30 days prior to the class. You must have an LLL account to register. If you do not have one, go to and click “Sign Up” on the right side of any page.

TED Talk Favorite

Phyllis Minsuk

You probably use paper towels to dry your hands multiple times every day, but chances are you’re doing it all wrong. In this enlightening and funny four minute TED Talk, Joe Smith reveals the trick to perfect paper towel technique.

This Talk has been viewed more than 3.5 million times and provides the secret to saving paper. The secret? Shake and Fold. We could save 571,230,000 pounds of paper every year if every American used only one paper towel to wipe their hands.

After washing your hands, shake them 12 times and then fold one paper towel to wipe quickly and you will have dry and clean hands every time.

This is such an easy way to impact our forests and save thousands of trees every year. Once you watch this TED Talk, you will always hear Joe Smith saying, “Shake and Fold.” You can find this TED Talk at, or on the LLL website under the TED Talks menu tab. It was presented in a TED Talk session in the 2015-16 season.

If you listened to a talk that you found compelling and would like to share with PebbleCreek readers, send the information to [email protected]