Just Folks Spring Fling II Celebration

Arlene Banfield

With the theme of Grooving on a Sunday Afternoon, the Just Folks Spring Fling II program began with a beautiful rap by local artist, Mr. Brian Barnes, grandson of Clyde and Daisy Dowell. The lyrics highlighted our theme, infused with the Just Folks name in all the right places.

Spring Fling II was presented via Zoom, in lieu of an in-person program made impossible because of COVID-19. There were approximately 40 people in attendance. Following the musical rap, guests were invited to participate in a trivia contest, with questions that were all spring related. Did you know that the goddess of spring is named Persephone? During our scavenger hunt, guests could be seen wandering through their homes in search of several elusive items such as a bar of green soap. Both game winners were awarded a cash prize.

During a pause in the program, guests were invited to Chat and Chew, an opportunity to dine on their own assortment of refreshments, while sharing with other guests what spring means to them. “Spring is about rebirth and an opportunity to start anew,” was one comment.

The afternoon was wrapped up with the awarding of a prize for the most interesting and/or colorful spring outfit donned by male and female.

Guests at the Spring Fling II event were “impressed with the creativity” of the Zoom program and noted the games were “fun and enjoyable.” The entertainment received high marks for capturing the spring theme. Guests also appreciated that this was a free event.

The Just Folks committee wishes to say thank you to all who attended this unique and fun program, complemented by music from the ‘60s and ‘70s. Pardon an old familiar saying, but we can truly say “a good time was had by all.” We invite PebbleCreek residents to explore the benefits of being a member of Just Folks by contacting Daisy Dowell at [email protected]