Italian Holiday Party

Ken Minichiello

Buon Natale and Buona Befana are traditional Italian Christmas celebrations in Italy. In English, they mean Merry Christmas and Happy Epiphany Christmas! In the Catholic tradition, Epiphany is the day the three wise men first met Baby Jesus. It’s also the day La Befana (Good Witch) presides over the feast of the Epiphany celebrated on Jan. 6 where the La Befana shows up with a basket of gifts for the children … bags of candy if good or coal if not so good! Of course, if ever given, coal being candy as well!

Although there were no gifts exchanged at this holiday party, Sonia Sears and her husband Victor invited members of the Italian American Club’s “Italian Conversational Group” to their wonderfully Christmas decorated home to celebrate the holidays by providing the gift of traditional Italian foods. Some of the Italian foods on the buffet table included Tortellini Alfredo with ham, stuffed mushrooms, Italian smokies, and charcuterie boards of various Italian meats and cheeses. Of course, no buffet table would be complete without some special hot Italian bread, Tiramisu and Panettoni.