Italian American Club Sunday Pasta Dinners

Guests enjoying dinner and conversation at Joe and Barb Pariseau’s home

Melissa D’Onofrio

The Italian American Club’s social sub-committee launched a new event on April 16, “Sunday Pasta Dinners.” Eight members hosted dinners in their homes and prepared the main entree which, of course, included pasta. The guests provided appetizers, salads, and desserts to complement the meal.

The club’s Sunday Pasta Dinners are designed to celebrate the traditional Italian approach to enjoying food, which is relaxed and leisurely. Members who attended the dinners reported enjoying the evening—not only the wonderful food and experiencing a meal as the Italians do, but also making new friends.

At Joe and Barb Pariseau’s home, club members met each other for the first time over drinks and appetizers on the patio, and that’s where the bonding began. Stories were exchanged about each family’s traditions, and it was interesting to learn that four of the eight guests were full-fledged Italians who grew up in traditional Italian households. As we gathered around the table, Betty (Fortunato) Smith declared, “tutti a tavolo a mangiare!” She explained the simple translation, “everyone to the table to eat,” but in traditional Italian culture, it means much, much more. It means slow down, come together with family and friends, and enjoy the simple pleasure of a delicious home-cooked meal.

Many thanks to our hosts, Gretchen Bataille, Marcello and Sherrie Caputi, Barb and Joe Pariseau, Jean and Pat Sherlock, Melinda Kresek, Vic and Kathleen Leo, Bill and Jan Frustaglia, and Rosemary Holmes for generously opening their homes and hosting the dinners. Special appreciation goes to Rosemary Holmes, who organized and planned the overall event. Based on the feedback received, Sunday Pasta Dinners will be a regular part of our club’s social calendar going forward.