Italian American Club Rocks and Rolls with Wii Bowling Spin

Judy Freidman and Sy Rosenthal were definitely ready to rock and roll!

Ken Minicheillo

The PebbleCreek Italian American Club hosted a ’50s Rock and Roll Wii Bowling Tournament in the heat of the summer evening on July 26. The Tuscany Falls Ballroom was converted into a Drive In with four Bowling Lanes. Many dressed in the era of the times with puffy skirts (poodle type skirts), cropped jeans, and saddle shoes, as well as ponytails and flipped hairdos. A couple of the men wore jeans and shirts of the ’50s.

There were eight teams with names like the Gutter Gang, Hit or Miss, Hot Shots, Holy Rollers, Spare Me, Lucky Strikes, Split Happens, Great Balls of Fire, and Let the Good Times Roll. Several of the participants were first-time Wii Bowlers getting into the swing of things quickly, such as Kay Skripka making a strike on her first time Wii Bowling. Despite some newcomers taking a few more times getting the Wiimote to work for them, by the end of three games, everyone was satisfied with their experience. We were grateful to have Melissa Kallett emceeing the event as well as providing instructions for those in need of help.

We also want to thank those who participated as cheerleaders, attending the event and electing not to Wii Bowl, but enjoying the meal and cheering everyone on. After the fun and games, a traditional Italian dinner was served. Thanks to Carolyn Minicheillo and Ellie Kovach for organizing the event and Shelly and David Carnevale for helping with decorations. Prizes were awarded to Gutter Gang (1st Place), which included Alex Cacciarelli, a first time Wii Bowler, Linda Hussey and Ellie Kovach; Hit and Miss (2nd Place), which included Joanne Hoeprich playing from a wheelchair and first time bowlers Joe Witherup and Kay Skripka; and 3rd Place winners Holy Rollers, including Team Captain Rhea Jean Magnuson, Bill Hussey, Jay Ward, and Carolyn Minicheillo. High scoring players were Richard Gerhart for the men and Ellie Kovach for the women. The only disappointment of the evening was no one got up and danced to the ’50s music provided, however we know that will occur next year!