Hot Shots on the Courts!

Vanette Pinto, Linda Elliott, and Karen Uherchik enjoy “misty coolness.”

John Flynn sending a fiery serve!

Dan Schimmelpfennig and Ed Elliott stay cool-headed in the heat.

Donna Gillen

With summer winding down, let’s take a look back at some days in July when we never thought the heat would end. In order to play, our court times needed to start very early, our clothing was very light and flowing, ice was abundant, and our drink bottles overflowed with cool refreshment. We have made it through the worst, and now we are anticipating a lovely fall with more reasonable temperatures. Enjoy the pictures, especially you snowbirds—you really don’t know what you were missing.

Just a quick reminder, our first PebbleCreek Tennis Club Board meeting will be Wednesday, Sept. 7, at 5 p.m. in the Sports Building (Tennis Hut) at the Tuscany Falls courts. Come and make a difference by being actively involved with the club.

See you on the courts!