General Manager’s Message

Bill Barnard

We’ve had an unusually cool and wet winter so far this year, but the temps seem to be picking up and the activity level at our facilities is extremely high. As I have said many times, if you are bored here at PebbleCreek, you haven’t gotten out of the house. The amenities here in PebbleCreek are outstanding, and it’s great to see so many people using them.

Part of my role as General Manager is leading our operations team to ensure that those amenities, our property, and our facilities are maintained and ready for use in the condition that we all expect, and when our residents want to use them. Many of these tasks cannot be done when various facilities are in use. As a result, on any given day, we are required to be out early in the mornings and late at night to complete tasks like cleaning, blowing, cutting, and doing general setup to make sure our many facilities are ready for use. This level of maintenance is something we have always done and is one of the things I place highest priority upon to ensure that PebbleCreek remains a beautiful, active community. During the time of year when activity levels are highest, the hustle and bustle of activity is more apparent—more cars, people, events, and visitors. Recently, I have had an increase in outreach from some residents on this topic. Maintenance, cleaning, and repairs are a necessary part of our operation on a daily basis. While there may be some who feel that certain maintenance activity occurs too early, too late, or too close to them, we schedule these activities to maximize everyone’s use of our amenities. The beautiful conditions in PebbleCreek and great variety of activities are the very reason many people chose PebbleCreek; maintaining it is what our operations team does to ensure it stays that way. With this in mind, I did want to remind everyone of just some of what is available to do here in PebbleCreek, and it is a lot!

We have beautiful clubhouses, fitness centers, pools, libraries, restaurants, golf courses, a Creative Arts Center, the Renaissance Theater, pickleball, tennis, bocce, softball, a dog park, billiards, and a basketball court. Over the years, we have, and will continue to make improvements to all of these facilities. We have more than 100 active clubs in PebbleCreek and with that number, it seems that there is probably a club for just about everyone. Two clubs at PebbleCreek that all residents do belong to are Kare Bears and LifeLong Learning. Both are fabulous organizations run by all-volunteer PebbleCreek residents. They are always looking for more help, so please visit their club pages on the HOA website at to learn more.

You can visit our Creative Arts Center if you are interested in painting, sculpting, woodwork, glasswork, pottery, ceramics, or jewelry making. These are just some of the activities that are offered. Be sure to remember the Expressions Gallery & Gift Shop for great gift ideas or just to buy for yourself. All of the items are made by our own PebbleCreek artists. Visit our beautiful Renaissance Theater for the many shows, concerts, and performances. If you are interested in song, music, dance, acting, or performing, please consider joining one of our performing arts groups. Visit our fitness centers and studios if you are interested in improving your fitness level. We offer cardio and weight equipment along with yoga, dance, strength, spinning, and other fitness classes, along with our pools for either fitness or recreation. Join any of the sports clubs such as tennis, bocce, pickleball, or softball if you want to be active with a little competition. Finally, visit any of our three 18-hole golf courses that are all in wonderful condition. There are golf associations for 18-holers or 9-holers, both men and women, as well as a Putters Club open to all.

There are surely many more activities that I am not mentioning, but, safe to say there is so much to do here in PebbleCreek. Please do keep in mind as you are out enjoying this beautiful community that clean, well-maintained, well-lit areas are necessary to ensure PebbleCreek remains a beautiful, safe place for you to continue to enjoy. As a result, residents, especially those who may live near clubhouses, pools, and sports courts, will see and experience activity around these necessary tasks, especially during those times when activity levels are higher.

With that, I hope you are getting out and enjoying the amenities. I know I am looking forward to the beautiful weather that March brings us each year here in the Valley.