Fall Wii Bowling Season

Melissa Kallett

The fall season of Wii Bowling is set to return. Registration begins Aug. 16 and runs through Aug. 31 at the Eagle’s Nest Activities Office. Due to its popularity, we recently purchased additional Nintendo Wii systems and relocated our league play to the larger Tuscany Falls Ballroom. That said, if registration exceeds our newly expanded 336-person capacity, entrance into the league will be via lottery, to be held on Sept. 1. The fall season runs on Mondays from Sept. 13 through Nov. 15. The season comprises two sessions: The twilight session plays from 4:30 to 6 p.m., and the evening session plays from 6:30 to 8 p.m.

The cost is $25 per person, with an additional $1 per player collected each week. Interested Wii’ers can either sign up as a full team of six people, as individuals, or any combo up to six. Incomplete teams will be made full as registration forms are received. Any registrants not placed on a team will be retained on a waitlist. Registrants need adhere to the following:

1. One person may register a full team, provided they have the names, email addresses, and payment information of everyone on the team. Payment is by credit card or HOA member charge.

2. You must specify your league preference (twilight or evening league) and whether you’d be willing to switch leagues if necessary.

3. A person may not register more than one team.

4. Once a team is registered, there can be no substitutions of team members. If a player must drop out, the league commissioner will fill vacancies from a waitlist.

People who will be out of town during the registration period will need to make arrangements for a local neighbor or friend to register for them. No advance or email registrations will be accepted.

Just what is Wii Bowling? It’s an interactive, fun game involving moderate activity and a remote-control device. The wireless control looks much like your TV remote, and while you swing your arm, the device mimics the actions of rolling the ball down the alley. The result is on a TV screen, the pins go flying, you rack up the score, and it’s just that easy! No actual balls scurrying down the lanes and no oil from the alleys to get your hands dirty. Best part yet? No previous experience at playing Nintendo games is required because this game is easy to learn. If you can turn the channels via your TV remote control, then you can Wii bowl.

Grab your friends and neighbors, proceed to the Activities Center at Eagles Nest, and sign up for the Wii Bowling League. Let the games begin!