Creeker with a Huge Heart Is Helping the Homeless

Kathy Cheek crocheting a bed mat. (Photo by Karen S. Robbins)

Karen S. Robbins

Creekers are known to be kind, but one Creeker has taken her kindness beyond PebbleCreek! One day, Kathy Cheek read in the newspaper that the homeless desperately needed bottled water. Kathy immediately moved into action and drove to the grocery store, where she bought up cases of bottled water to fill the back of her car. She drove to Phoenix and delivered the water to the Andre House, where they distributed it to the homeless. While there, Kathy noticed homeless people laying on the hot concrete and saw the need for bed mats. Kathy had learned to make bed mats out of plastic grocery bags at her church in Kansas City. Along with friends, she has now made 52 mats and hopes to make 100 to deliver to the Andre House this November. If you’d like to learn how to make a bed mat by crocheting plastic grocery bags, contact Kathy at [email protected] They’re fun to make and easy to learn. Or do you have an organization that might like to join Kathy in making bed mats? Kathy would welcome your help. Working together, we can help make a difference in Arizona.