Ceramics Club Profile: Diana Horton-Smith

Diana Horton-Smith with one of her unique ceramic pieces decorated with the art of Zentangle

Creative ceramic by Diana Horton-Smith

Ardell Roberts

Diana Horton-Smith is involved in many activities in PebbleCreek. You may see her on the bocce ball courts, at Wii bowling, playing cards, or just about anywhere in the Creative Arts Center (CAC). She brings enthusiasm and a great sense of humor to everything she does. Diana and her husband, Walt, are both involved in ceramics, where they create in the ceramic room once a week.

They moved to PebbleCreek six years ago when she retired from her job in personal injury insurance claims. Walt’s cousin had previously invited them to visit PC about 10 years ago and, after taking a tour of the facilities, Diana immediately told Walt this was where she wanted to retire. The PebbleCreek Creative Arts Center was a huge factor that played into the decision to move here.

Diana sits on the Art Club board and also does some pottery, acrylic painting, fiber clay, mixed media art, and Zentangle. She also loves to travel. Some of her favorite places are Solvang, Branson, Lake Tahoe, and Denver.

Diana had only dabbled in watercolors about 30 years ago. This experience was where she first fell in love with Haitian art for its colorful appeal. She is self-taught but became too busy working and raising a family to further pursue any art activities until moving to PC. Ceramics was the first club she joined. She thinks her ceramics teacher, Kelli Frederickson, is a fabulous instructor, and Diana attributes a lot of her growth in ceramics to Kelli.

Diana “brings art” to her pieces in ceramics and other creative arts. She mixes techniques and mediums to create her unique pieces. You may have seen her bring the art of Zentangle to ceramics, painting, or just for fun. She’s often referred to as the “Zentangling Fool.” She finds Zentangle much more challenging with a brush rather than a traditional pen. She loves Zentangle because it’s relaxing and meditative. Diana almost always has some art piece on display in the CAC. Diana is available to take commissions.