Card Scores

Cribbage Club

Gary Lind

The Cribbage Club has weekly meetings on the first four Thursdays of each month at 1 p.m. in the Sienna Room, Tuscany Falls. We start promptly at 1 p.m., so please arrive a little early. The club is open to all PebbleCreek residents interested in playing a friendly game of cribbage. If you don’t know how to play, but are interested in learning, come join us for an afternoon of fun, and we will teach you how to play. If you have a cribbage board and deck of cards, please bring them with you.

We have winners to report from recent meetings:

May 11: Vince Esposto, Matt Morgan, Karen Stroup

May 18: Mark Powell, Julie Webb, Jeanette Esposto

May 25: Gary Lind, Karen Stroup, Mark Powell

For more information, please call Gary Lind at 623-215-4601 or Donna von Oy at 623-935-1967.

Euchre Club

Euchre is played every Thursday evening in the Palm Room at Pebble Creek’s Eagle’s Nest Clubhouse. Sign in at 6:45 p.m., bring $1 toward prize money, and meet the gang for a fun evening. We start promptly at 7 p.m. All are welcome to join us. You don’t need a partner to play.

May 11

1st, Barbara Clark, 61

2nd, Burton Embrey and Greg Economou, 60

3rd, Rich Rugg and Alex Elijew, 59

4th, Karen Ludwig, 57

Loners, George Clark, 6

Low, Susie Unklesbay, 31

May 18

1st, Rob Ratliff, 58

2nd, Rich Rugg, 49

3rd, Georgia Messina, 48

4th, Muriel Milewski and Linda Vise, 47

Loners, Janette Ratliff, 3

Low, Barb Clark, 32

May 25

1st, Muriel Milewski and Jeff Whittemore, 59

2nd, JayHayden, 57

3rd, Jeff Lehman and Shirley La Flamme, 56

Loners, Linda Vise, 4

Low, Paul Messina, 27

June 1

1st, George Clark, 72

2nd, Jay Hayden and Ann Economou, 57

3rd, Jack Pope, 54

4th, Janette Ratliff, 53

Loners, Barb Clark, 4

Low, Kellie Walker, 32

June 8

1st, Jerry Fox, 60

2nd, Jo Ann Kolesar, 59

3rd, Georgia Messina, 58

4th, Ann Economou & Lenny Liebowitz, 57

Loners, Shirleu La Flamme and Burton Embry, 4

Low, Kellie Walker, 36


Hearts is played every Monday in the Milan Room of the Tuscany Falls clubhouse. All are welcome. We start promptly at 7 p.m., so please arrive by about 6:45 p.m. Bring $1 towards prize money.

May results:

May 1:

1st place: Janette Ratliff, 114

2nd place: Stan Zdunczyk, 127

3rd place: Jay Hayden, 165

High score: Chuck Patton, 171

May 8:

1st place: Janette Ratliff, 130

2nd place: Stan Zdunczyk, 146

3rd place: Charlie Kagan, 159

High score: Mark Powell, 191

May 15:

1st place: Stan Zdunczyk, 77

2nd place: Charlie Kagan, 125

3rd place: Janette Ratliff, 155

High score: Mark Powell, 234

May 22:

1st place: Janette Ratliff, 138

2nd place: Charlie Kagan, 144

3rd place: Stan Zdunczyk, 159

High score: Jay Hayden, 276

May 29:

1st place: Lenny Leibowitz, 145

2nd place: Stan Zdunczyk, 156

3rd place: Janette Ratliff, 175

High score: Jay Hayden, 252


Beat the heat! Come join us for some pinochle. We play every Thursday night at 6:30 p.m. in the Siena Room at the Tuscany Falls Clubhouse.

Results for May:

May 4

1st Place: Denny Wallon, 6,890

2nd Place: Ivan Pankov, 6,670

3rd Place: Sue Branton, 6,560

Booby Prize: Carlton Bjerkaas, 3,130

May 11

1st Place: Bob Gilman, 5,790

2nd Place: Bruce Baird, 5,710

3rd Place: Carlton Bjerkaas, 5,670

Booby Prize: MaryAnn Pankov, 3,710

May 18

1st Place: Loretta Morris, 6,790

2nd Place: Laura Szakacs, 6,130

3rd Place: Larry Soper, 6,040

Booby Prize: MaryAnn Pankov, 3,610

May 25

1st Place: Khana Soper, 6,250

2nd Place: Larry Soper, 6,240

3rd Place: Skip Holmes, 6,160

Booby Prize: Joan Wallon, 3,380