Camera Club Picture of the Month

Mother’s Day Ride—a great example of Adriana Greisman’s nature photography, featuring a Wood Duck family portrait on Lake Hodges in San Diego.

Lynn Warren

At the end of each monthly meeting, an image review is conducted, in which photos submitted by members are discussed and critiqued in a non-threatening manner by peers and more accomplished members, providing feedback as to what worked well and what might have been done differently. Via the review, members can see examples of the work of others and learn approaches and techniques which they might choose to incorporate in their own photographs. Each month, one picture is selected as Photo of the Month, and at the July review, the photo taken by club president, Adriana Greisman, was chosen. This photo was taken at Lake Hodges in San Diego last spring; the mother Wood Duck was sitting on shore with her chicks but took off with them upon seeing Adriana, providing a great opportunity to capture this charming family portrait.