Camera Club Photo of the Month

Linda Mirro’s impressive photo of sandhill cranes heading south for the winter; photo was taken in Willcox with a Nikon D7000, f/5.6, ISO 125, 1/400 sec, 300mm (35mm equivalent).

Lynn Warren

Each month the Camera Club selects a Photo of the Month and, for February, chose a dramatic birds-in-flight picture taken by club member Linda Mirro while visiting Willcox, in January 2021. The birds were sandhill cranes on their yearly migration trip; Willcox is a convenient resting place as the cranes make their way south for the winter. Willcox is a well-known area for viewing migratory birds and even provides a crane observatory on the lakeshore. A small lake is located in town and what seemed like thousands of birds landed there while John and Linda watched in amazement and took lots of pictures. For information about the Camera Club, visit the club website at or email Keith Cunningham at [email protected].