Bridge Results

PC Duplicate Sanctioned Bridge

Kathy Bergman

The main activity in March was our mentoring program where our experience players assisted those who wanted to learn more about playing Bridge. It’s a great opportunity for the mentees to learn different conventions, defense and different methods for playing the hand. The mentoring program will continue thru April.

March 2015 results:

Winners at the Monday/Thursday Sanctioned duplicate games are as follow in rank order.

03/02: N/S Gen Hunter/Ellen Stergulz, Bill Ballard/Chris Mucha, Vi Metter/Shay Kinney. E/W Bill Heng/Mault Mathias, Dave and Debbie Deal, Otis Cross/Bob Conrardy

03/05: N/S Cheryl LaMotta/Jackie Wielgosz, Chris Mucha/Bill Ballard, Dorothea Sullivan/John Jaquish. E/W Joanne and Bill Korytowski, Vickie Thomas, Sandy Kolls, Doreen Marek, Kathy Bergman

03/09: N/S Kathy Bergman/Irene Bates, Susan McAniff/Nancy Perkins, Mary Lou Cralle/Barbara Wold. E/W Kate Tracy/Enid Bross, Marge Barr/Rick Barr, Vicki Thomas/Bill Korytowski

03/12: N/S Kate Tracy/Jackie Wielgosz, Shay Kinney/Vi Metter, Georgia Jacka/Joe Naworski. E/W Irene Bates/Jane Gregory, Talis Abolins/Gen Hunter, John Jaquish/Dorothea Sullivan

03/16: N/S Cheryl LaMotta/Enid Bross, Otis Cross/Bob Conrardy, Sue Gainer/Georgia Jacka. E/W Kathy Bergman/Gen Hunter, Chris Mucha/Bill Ballard, Irene Bates/Jane Gregory

03/19: N/S Jane Gregory/Irene Bates, Mault Mathias, Bill Korytowski, Karen Klug/Norm Jacox. E/W Gen Hunter/Talis Abolins, Jackie Wielgosz/Kate Tracy, Vickie Thomas/Phyllis Karp

03/23: N/S Gen Hunter/Larry Monroe, Shay Kinney/Vi Metter, Teddi Painter/Marlene Wickizer. E/W Irene Bates/Jane Gregory, Dave and Debbie Deal, Betty East/Judy Laxineta

03/26: N/S Enid Bross/Cheryl LaMotta, Jackie Wielgosz/Kate Tracy, Pat Smith/Sue Gainer. E/W Joanne and Bill Korytowski, Glenn Woodard/Jane Gregory, Kathy Bergman/Mault Mathias

03/30: N/S Sue Gainer/Georgia Jacka, Susan McAniff/Nancy Perkins, Bill Korytowski/Vi Metter. E/W Cheryl LaMotta/Jackie Wielgosz, Irene Bates/Jane Gregory, Doug Freimuth/Ted Murray

Winners in the Tuesday Novice-Intermediate games were:

03/03: N/S Ralph Lester/Mault Mathias, Steve Christopher/Joe Sanzone, Sandy Kolls/Vickie Thomas. E/W Phyllis Karp/Susan McAniff, Les Hunter/Larry Monroe, Susan Barber/Rosemary Vana

03/07: N/S Bob and Bonnie Bruce, Mel and Natalie Simon, Audrey and Kermit Holman. E/W Marge and Rick Barr, Helen and Walt Hohlstein, Marlene Wickizer/Teddi Painter

03/10: N/S Mary and Ray Price, Betty East/Judy Laxineta, Rosemary Vana/Susan Barber. E/W Richard Malette/Rona Knight, Sandy Kolls/Vickie Thomas, Teddi Painter/Marlene Wickizer

03/17: N/S Teddi Painter/Marlene Wickizer, Jerry and Kathleen Burch, Cathy Arst/Linda Nelson. E/W Otis Cross/Bob Conrardy, Cindy House/Pat Johansson, Sandy Kolls, Vickie Thomas

03/24: N/S Mary and Ray Price, Ralph Lester/Nancy Perkins, Phyllis Karp/Susan McAniff, Natalie Simon/Joanne Enyeart. E/W Jennifer Betts/William Schroeder, Carole and Mault Mathias, Natalie Niemi/Ann Johnson

03/28: N/S Bob and Bonnie Bruce, Teddi Painter/Marlene Wickizer, Joan and Richard Bourassa. E/W Gretchen McDermott/Sylvia Lewis, Helen and Walt Hohlstein, Cathy Arst/Syd Mersereau

03/31: N/S Ralph Lester/Nancy Perkins, Betty East/Judy Laxineta, Otis Cross/Bob Conrardy. E/W Joe and Priscilla Naworski, Helen and Walt Hohlstein, Talis Abolins/Gen Hunter

How to join our group:

To join the group, send a blank email to [email protected]. You will receive an automated response asking you to confirm that you wish to subscribe. You must reply to that email (just hit reply; no message required). If you have any questions, please contact Kate Tracy at [email protected].

Non-Sanctioned Duplicate Bridge

Darlene Finnegan

Non-Sanctioned Duplicate Bridge is played in the Palm Room at Eagle’s Nest on Mondays at 12.30 p.m.

March 2, 2015: N/S 1st Darlene Finnegan and Patti Murphy; 2nd Andrea Reynolds and Luanne Jorgensen; 3rd Karin Lyon and Gillian Greenwood, E/W 1st Gary and Nancy Nugent; 2nd Gary and Dorie Bennett; 3rd Marge Robinson and George Debo

March 9: N/S 1st Darlene Finnegan and Patti Murphy; 2nd Daele Proctor and Marnie Horn; 3rd Gary and Nancy Nugent. E/W 1st Barbara Burkle and Susan Colborne; 2nd Ruth and Gary Lord; 3rd Bev Eckes and Judy Cowan

March 16: N/S 1st Gary and Dorie Bennett; 2nd Paul and Georgia Messina; 3rd Ann Rohlman and Ralph Lester. E/W 1st Jerry Schechtman and Mark Hyman; 2nd John Macdonald and Luanne Jorgensen; 3rd Nancy Nugent and Darlene Finnegan

March 23: N/S 1st Ann Rohlman and Ralph Lester; 2nd Judy Cowan and Bev Eckes; 3rd Larry and Karen Harris. E/W 1st Gary and Nancy Nugent; 2nd Jo Carley and Gretchen McDermott; 3rd John Macdonald and Luanne Jorgensen

Wednesday Afternoon Pairs Bridge

Darlene Finnegan

Pairs Bridge meets every Wednesday at 12:45 p.m. in the Eagle’s Nest Palm Room. For more information, call Luanne and Wes Jorgensen at 935-9200. The following winners are for the indicated dates:

March 4: 1st Marnie Horn and Daele Proctor; 2nd Barbara Burkle and Ann Rohlman; 3rd Fred Schwartz and Fran Wichers

March 11: 1st Jerry Young and Karl Wisser; 2nd Natalie and Mel Simon; 3rd Ruth and Gary Lord

March 18: 1st Ann Rohlman and Dwight Emery; 2nd Patti Murphy and Darlene Finnegan; 3rd Judy Cowan and Jerry Schecktman

March 25: 1st Nancy and Gary Nugent; 2nd Darlene Finnegan and Patti Murphy; 3rd Phyllis Keiser and Yvonne Little

Grand Slam: Darlene Finnegan and Patti Murphy