Bocce Ball Annual Picnic

Tom Bose, PCBBA President

On March 18, the PC Bocce Ball Association (PCBBA) had their annual picnic, which celebrated the end of the Winter League and the beginning of the Spring League. When the Bocce teams get together they always have a Ball, pun intended. The picnic was catered by FireUp Freedom. To the delight and surprise of everyone, a fire truck pulled up to Sunrise Park and very fast BBQs were fired up and burgers, chicken, sausage, and hot dogs were cooking on the grill. The lunch was rounded out with all the toppings, chips, and sodas. Some of the attending teams also enjoyed a game of bocce on the original old courts. It was a good time.

Bocce has started the Spring League, so that brings up the question, “Who won the Winter League play?” So without further ado, here are the official 2022-23 Winter League winners.

Tuesday Evening

1st Place: PC Roller

2nd Place: Bocce Buds

3rd Place: Sizzlers

Wednesday Morning

1st Place: Relax and Roll

2nd Place: United 40

3rd Place: Smoothes

Thursday Evening

1st Place: United 40

2nd Place: Court Jesters “2”

3rd Place: Straight Shooters

Friday Morning

1st Place: Rolling Thunder

2nd Place: Avengers

3rd Place: Dead Heat

Congratulations to all those who placed in the 2023 Winter League of play, and a big round of applause to all who played in the 2023 Bocce Winter League.

Once the Spring League is over, the Bocce Club will take a summer vacation, but remember to check emails for information as to when registration will open up for the 2023-24 fall session.

This article is dedicated in memory of Caela Casarino, PC Bocce Public Relations.