Attn: Must read news from the Art Club

Sherri Heitz

Are you new to PebbleCreek? Are you interested in learning to paint or draw? Do you already paint in any medium? What about photography or abstract art? How about advanced classes in oil, pastels, colored pencil, or watercolor? So far we have no one to teach classes in photography—for photographing your own pictures for art—and it is my mission to get us there. The class would not have to be about photography for art but could be a general class on digital photography. Know anyone?

The Art Club has 144 members as of this posting. Bet you did not know that!

We have wonderful instructors both inside and outside of PebbleCreek. While we have great instruction in all mediums, we are always open to finding new areas of creativity and advanced classes for those who wish to participate. This community is filled with accomplished artists in every medium and I know there are many out there who have not participated in the Art Club for various reasons and are quite talented. I am putting out a request for any of you who are out there to contact me and to send me information that I may use for future classes or if you want to join us and are unsure of how to do it. Please email your information to [email protected] The Art Club and any future members appreciate your efforts.

Our Christmas party will be held at Tuscany Falls in the Chianti Room on December 12 from 11:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. It will be a barbecue buffet lunch with great door prizes and the cost will be $20 per person; spouses are included with the invitation. We were taking reservations and collecting money for this event at our Art Club meeting on October 29. Make your reservation as soon as possible. It will be fun!

The people who provide the beautiful scenery which you enjoy in productions through ShowTime and the PC Players are brought to you by our Art Club volunteers: Judy Hale, who designs and draws out the huge pieces which are painted by our wonderful volunteers Sherri VanSchaick, Marsha Lyons and Betty Jean Kennedy, among others. Most of these props are done in the summer when many of us are in cooler climates. Kudos to our dedicated art volunteers who make our experiences in PebbleCreek through ShowTime and PC Players so real and inviting.

Reminder: if you sign up for an Art Class, should you need to cancel the class you must do it 15 days ahead of the class scheduled or you will lose your money. While we try our best to accommodate many situations, we cannot make a habit of overlooking individuals who make these requests too frequently.

We all work on schedules and deadlines and we will accommodate as best we can but, because of our membership size, we must enforce these rules in the future as it affects everyone in our club. We trust you will understand what we need to do to make this club viable.