Artist of the Year

Charles Peterman, 2015 Artist of the Year; photo by John Peehl

Charles Peterman, 2015 Artist of the Year; photo by John Peehl

Charles Peterman

Marsha Lyons

The PebbleCreek Art Club has named Charles Peterman as the recipient of the Artist of the Year Award for 2015. Charles has been active in the club since he moved to PebbleCreek. His primary medium is oil, which he exhibits in a very fast painting style, especially for an oil painter. When asked about his art background, Charles expressed it this way: “100 years ago I was an architecture student; this was before computers were actively used for rendering pictures of buildings etc. for customers. The architect actually had to draw and watercolor the renderings; hence students had to take art classes. I only chased an architect degree for a year or so then switched to business for a number of personal reasons but—the art seed had been sown.

Thirty years later I retired and picked up my brushes again. It was just a whim but grew into one of my retirement passions.

I started out with lessons in watercolors from a number of folks both in Colorado and Arizona. Eventually I had the good fortune to take a watercolor class from Julie Pollard Gilbert (probably 12 or so years ago). After that I spent numerous hours in Julie’s classes following her from watercolors to liquid acrylics to oils. Not surprisingly Julie became a friend and one of my most important mentors.

In my later years of painting with Julie (mostly oils now), like many artists, I decided I wanted to paint more loosely. I searched my art world for an artist to emulate and discovered right in my Colorado home town – George Coll.

I met George in quick draw (1, 2, 3 minute poses) nude classes we both attended every Saturday morning (the model was nude not us). These classes were instrumental in teaching me to catch a pose or picture quickly.

As luck would have it, George gave lessons and I have been painting with George every summer for seven or eight years. George, like Julie, has become a good friend and my most important mentor. My current style, although a mix of Charles and George, mostly resembles George (although I will never be as loose as George). I think I picked up “big bang” color from Julie and loose brush strokes, painting speed and a love of critique from George.

“I enjoy painting almost anything! Painting is my relaxation medicine (although a nice glass of wine by your easel also helps). You can’t be painting and be worrying about your other problems at the same time.

I think it is critical to paint with and to be critiqued by other artists. How else can you learn and improve? I show my art in the Independence Gallery in Loveland, Colorado, and here at PebbleCreek.”

Throughout the month of February Charles’ paintings will be on display in the Creative Arts Center. Be sure and stop by and see his work; likely you will become a follower as well. Join me in congratulating Charles as the Artist of the Year.