Artist of the Month: Michele Madoski

Michele Madoski

The PebbleCreek Art Club is delighted to announce that Michele Madoski is the Artist of the Month for May.

Michele had lived her entire life in California before moving to PebbleCreek almost three years ago. She loved visiting friends who had moved here and was attracted by the many activities—and in her short time here she has already become a very involved member of the community.

In addition to the Art Club, Michelle is active in the ceramics and pottery clubs, does water aerobics, and acts with the PC Players.

Inspired by her mother—an incredibly gifted potter and painter, Michelle was drawing and painting everything she could from her early childhood. When she was 8, Michele entered a drawing of her dog in the county fair—and came home with the prize. (She still has the drawing.)

She began college as an art major at San Diego State, but three children later, she finished college at Turlock State, earning an education degree.

As an elementary school teacher, she found incorporating art into her lessons was a wonderful way for those students who struggle with language to express their thoughts. Similarly, when she taught social studies, she used a variety of art techniques that allowed students to demonstrate their knowledge of the subject. “Incorporating art into my teaching was rewarding and revealing,” she says.

While teaching, she would make time in her busy schedule for her art, but only after moving to PC was she able to devote more time to it. She now works exclusively in watercolors and loves the effects an artist can obtain with the medium.

Michele’s paintings can be seen throughout the month of May at both clubhouses and in the Creative Arts Center windows.