2 Your Health: Choose Physical Therapy First

Arizona Orthopedic Physical Therapy

Physical therapy (PT) is the best first-line option for most injuries, symptoms, and conditions you face. From head to toe, a licensed physical therapist is able to treat pain or limitations and help you return to the activities you need and love—pain free! We also know the best course of action should you need additional follow up and will oversee your proper referral.

Physical therapy first is the most time-efficient and money-saving option you can choose when going through an injury or ailment. We can help prevent injury and surgery, improve your overall movement and tolerance to activity, reduce over-medication, recover from needed surgeries, and manage chronic conditions.

We are able to prevent injury and avoid or postpone surgery by improving your overall quality of movement. Quality of movement is made better by building upon your current range of motion, strength, and stability. By assessing your movement patterns, we are able to determine exactly what you need to improve upon in order to perform the tasks and activities you want to do without pain or limitation.

It is also important to connect with a physical therapist before a scheduled surgery. The better you feel going into a surgery, the better you will feel coming out of it. Not only can you become better prepared for surgery, but your therapist is able to learn your specific limitations and goals, which will improve your post-surgery outcome. Common examples include strengthening your legs before going in for a knee replacement or improving tolerance to movement before a shoulder repair.

If you’re dealing with chronic pain, it becomes very easy to dig into a hole of pain medication. Thankfully, physical therapy offers many ways to manage pain whether it be low back pain, foot pain, neck pain, or any other chronic pain. We have strategies to keep your pain at bay through manual therapy and therapeutic exercise.

Manual therapy incorporates many ways to reduce muscle tension, improve joint and muscle mobility, and promote healthy blood flow to the site of pain. Dry needling, cupping, and use of instruments are all strategies to improve soft tissue mobility and used often in physical therapy. Once your pain is reduced and healthy tissue is restored, it’s important to rebuild the area and restore both strength and proper range of motion, otherwise the pain is likely to return.

So don’t wait! If living your best life is limited by pain or dysfunction, contact one of our physical therapy offices today at 623-242-6908 or visit www.AzOPT.net to schedule your free consultation. Find out specifically how physical therapy can help you.