We are here for you!

Rayma Scalzo

The PebbleCreek Breast Cancer Support Group will not be meeting in December due to the busy holidays but cancer happens even then. So, if you have questions or are having a lumpectomy or mastectomy, we will still be here for you. Please call prior to your treatment so that we can give you a special free gift that will bring you comfort while recovering from surgery. It is a wonderful little heart pillow made by the PebbleCreek Quilters. A big thank you to the quilters for being so generous to provide these to our group free of charge!

The pillow is placed underneath the arm where the surgery has taken place and is held in place by a piece of elastic. This relieves the pressure on the incision. Another use for the pillow is to place it under the car seat belt so that there is no pressure on the breast following surgery.

For more information, please contact me, Rayma Scalzo, at 623-935-1819 or email me at raymas@cox.net. I would be happy to bring you a pillow or chat with you anytime. Remember, everything is confidential. I have facilitated the PC Breast Cancer Support Group for 23 years and am a survivor of 25 years. Through the years treatments and medications have improved a lot. Breast Cancer no longer has the same prognosis as it did years ago. The most important thing is discovering the cancer, getting it treated and going on with your life. During that journey it is so helpful to know you are not alone, so please remember that we are here for you.