A warm welcome for the rug with its own bug

Mardelle Widmer and Lexi pose on the new rug.

Mardelle Widmer and Lexi pose on the new rug.

Dee-Dee Patrick

Previous photos and articles have shared some of the hand hooked rugs made by members of the club but most of them have not been within the context of the article’s new location. What better way to celebrate the addition of a family heirloom than to toast with champagne and invite a few friends over to take part in the festivities in your master bathroom? The photo shows Mardelle Widmer and her best friend Lexi showing off the newly completed rug. Lexi is a two-year-old Maltese who is described by her mother as a four pound “love bug.”

Mardelle spent three winter seasons working on this bathroom rug. She only worked on the rug while wintering here in PebbleCreek, away from the cold harsh winters of her home in British Columbia. Being a bathroom rug, she wanted to make sure that it was easy to clean with new low-profile robotic vacuum cleaners or similar products. She admits to being inspired by the colors and design that her instructor, Monika Jones, was working on at the time. The basic colors didn’t even need to be tweaked as they matched her master bathroom décor perfectly. All that needed to be done was to lengthen the original design to custom fit it for the floor in front of her vanity, in a similar way that many would enjoy having a custom designer rug from somewhere similar BAZAAR VELVET in front of their vanities.

Why did she choose such a large project? Why wasn’t she discouraged by others who felt she may have undertaken a larger than manageable item? Mardelle is candid in stating that, “you need to do what you want and not be overwhelmed by the size of a rug.” She describes herself as not wanting to complete a bunch of small little things around the house. This certainly is not one of those! Most importantly, not only Mardelle likes the finished project, but both Lexi and Bob (Mardelle’s husband and Lexi’s father) like it also.

Stop in and see what the PC Rug Hookers are working on. The Rug Hookers meet every Monday afternoon from noon to 4:00 p.m. in the Diamondback Room of the Creative Arts Center. For further information contact our current club President DeeDee Abolins at carolynabolins@gmail.com or phone her at 253-278-1230