Virtual Cinema at PebbleCreek

Traci Baker, Director, Community Activities and Communications

You may have heard about the Cinema Society program we offer that brings carefully selected films to PebbleCreek. These aren’t the kind of films that play in the big theaters with car chases, but  are smaller, art-house style movies. In an effort to try to provide our homeowners with some additional entertainment opportunities through our Cinema Society connection, we are offering all of our community the chance to experience a virtual theatrical experience featuring the kind of films Cinema Society is known for. One of the films Cinema members saw this year was the beautiful The Etruscan Smile starring Brian Cox. We are now able to view the film through the streaming platform, Film Movement Plus, giving film lovers the opportunity to open the virtual doors of theaters to screen a new theatrical release in the comfort and safety of their own homes! These films offered here are not available to view anywhere else. As new films are offered this way, they will be posted on the Virtual Cinema page under Things to Do > Activities Office on the HOA website at

Every new release we offer will be available through the individual distributors’ websites and streaming services. You’ll be taken to their websites to purchase and watch the film. As of the time of publication, six films are available to view and additional releases are expected.

Feel free to share this information with friends, family, and neighbors, if you like.