Unit Happenings

Unit 5

Maggi Maas

On July 9, 16 intrepid “full-timers” from unit 5 met for lunch at B.J.s restaurant in Peoria. Because of the extensive menu, everyone found something to their liking and really enjoyed the opportunity to spend time with their neighbors. We look forward to more get-togethers later in the year, when more members of the unit will be able to attend.

Unit 8

Alisa Moore

The ladies of unit 8 beat the June heat with a wonderful luncheon at the Wigwam. Anyone from unit 8 interested in joining us and making new friends, please contact Jane Holdcroft at jkh2125@aol.com.

Unit 33

The women of unit 33 party on during the summer in spite of missing their snowbird neighbors. These year-rounders gathered for lunch at Alexi’s Grill on North Central Avenue in mid-town Phoenix on Thursday, June 13. Fresh grouper was their preferred menu choice, and several guests took home door prizes, provided by co-hosts Flo Slezak and Pat Ingalls.

Unit 52 May luncheon

Liz Gibson

A nice mix of newbies and long-time lunch ladies enjoyed a get-together at a new spot on Thursday, May 12. Tailgater’s on Estrella Parkway was delightful. Thank you to Rhae Jean Magnuson, social chair, for organizing the fun afternoon.

Unit 52 June lunch

Liz Gibson

The Ladies Who Lunch came out en masse to enjoy lunch at one of their favorite spots. Eagle’s Nest was the venue on Wednesday, June 12, and the many tables buzzed with chatter and some farewells for the summer.

Anita Walsh hosted a truly fun afternoon!

The Tempe Town Lake crew.

The Tempe Town Lake crew.

Unit 62A

Barb Downey

The unit 62A social committee is active all year-round and organized many fun events for the month of June. We volunteered at the St. Mary’s Food Bank, where we sorted incoming donations and packed boxes of vegetables for those in need. A special 62A Abrazo Hospital tour was arranged, and all attendees were impressed with the level 1 trauma center facilities at our local hospital. We hope we never need to use it, but we’re so glad it’s there! The men of our unit enjoyed a wonderful breakfast at the Verrado Grill, while the ladies traveled to Phoenix to the Taco Guild for a delicious lunch outing.

Outdoor activities included a Flag Day pool party at the Oasis pool, where we brought our favorite salads, desserts and toppings for a wonderful cookout! Burgers and hot dogs were expertly grilled by Bruce Banks as the rest of us enjoyed our time together in and out of the pool. (We greatly appreciate Bruce!)

Tempe Town Lake was the destination for 15 of us, as we enjoyed a wonderful time on the lake in kayaks and an electric boat. Those of us on the boat enjoyed snacks and kept cool under the shade canopy, while those in the kayaks got a great workout! After our lake adventure, those of us from the Chicago area introduced our neighbors to a tasty lunch at Portillo’s in Tempe! We’re all looking forward to the Avondale location opening on Aug. 15.

Being a very competitive unit, we certainly had many opportunities to challenge each other at games. We play a monthly mixed hand and foot game, with five-six tables, while the ladies play wice a month with anywhere from four-six tables each time. We had a table at the TV dinner night at the clubhouse that brought much laughter and memories as we tried to outsmart the other tables. And to finish out the month, we had 18 neighbors at three tables of Mexican train, which has become a very fun and spirited evening! We may be a small unit with only 47 homes, but we’re mighty big on activities, support and fun together!

Rick and Sandy Haendel from unit 62B enjoy an evening on Lake Pleasant with their neighbors.

Rick and Sandy Haendel from unit 62B enjoy an evening on Lake Pleasant with their neighbors.

Unit 62B

Lin Ochs

On June 30, unit 62B residents relished a wonderful “cool” evening on Lake Pleasant. Forty-five residents participated in the dinner cruise. Neighbors shared a delicious evening meal and a beautiful, extraordinary sunset. We sighted various wildlife on the shores, including the famed wild burros. Some residents enjoyed the air-conditioned lower level, while others chose the top open level to savor live music by the Maybury Blues. This was a delightful opportunity to socialize and appreciate the chance to be on the water.