Understanding short-term in-patient care for behaviors

Teri Sellers

The Alzheimer’s/Dementia Caregivers Support Group will meet on August 18. We are especially happy to have Debi Elder, Community Liaison with Haven Behavioral Hospital of Phoenix as our presenter.

What do you do if your loved one has serious challenging behaviors? After you have tried the basic skills that you have learned during your ongoing education during this dementia journey? After your doctor has ‘tried’ another medication? It may be time to consider a short term stay at a specialty facility. This is the scary part of the disease process that we all hope never to experience, but many do. Debi will be discussing the mental health guidelines as well as answering any questions regarding what an inpatient stay looks like. She will talk about the admission process. She will also help you understand what to expect from your loved one’s stay. And she will answer any other questions you may have.

Debi has worked in senior living for 13 years. She has been at Haven for almost six years and has a passion for the senior population. She is also a facilitator for the Virtual Dementia Tour and does presentations on dementia, behaviors and inpatient psychiatric guidelines. She is constantly learning about dementia, research in the field and ideas for helping those that suffer from the disease. She continues to look for ways to alleviate stress for their caregivers. She is working hard to get the message out that Haven is Happy to Help those in need.

Respite Care

We may be able to provide free respite care for those with Alzheimer’s/Dementia during the caregiver meeting. This will allow the caregiver the opportunity and peace of mind to attend the discussion group. Please call me with your RSVP.

Monthly Breakfast

A more casual opportunity to meet and share with other caregivers is the first Saturday of each month. Joyce VanOrnam and I will arrange a table at Eagle’s Nest so that we can have breakfast and just talk. Getting to know other caregivers can be very supportive and helpful as the journey of this disease can be challenging.

For information or to RSVP for respite care or the breakfast, please call Teri Sellers at 602-793-0299 or email teri_sellers@msn.com.