“TNT”—A Life Well Lived

Ted and Thelma Lindhorn aka “TNT”

Ted and Thelma Lindhorn aka “TNT”

Howie Tiger

In PebbleCreek, Ted and Thelma Lindhorn are affectionately known as “TNT.” Ted can be found playing one of our three golf courses or singing with the “Tedettes.” Thelma can be found volunteering at Kare Bears, Share Bears, or organizing the annual home tour. At Christmas time, golf cart caroling is their favorite thing to organize. Together they can always be found at karaoke or on the dance floor.

Thelma is originally from Bertrand, Neb. (pop. 1,000). Her family moved to Denver, Colo. when she was five. She was a straight A student in school. Ted grew up in Wheatridge, Colo., a small town outside of Denver, his place of birth. Ted wrestled in high school at the impressive weight of 85 pounds.

In 1947, Ted worked at the Denver Dry Goods Department Store while also attending Colorado University. Thelma’s mom also worked there and knew Ted. She thought highly of him. One day, Thelma’s mom brought Thelma to the store to seek employment. As they exited the elevator, they saw Ted. Thelma’s mom said to Thelma, “That’s the boy I was telling you about.” Their eyes met, and fireworks went off.

They dated for two years, marrying in 1949. Ted soon graduated from CU with a degree in mechanical engineering. They moved to Dayton, Ohio in 1951, and Ted took a job with the U.S. Air Force R&D Division. Ted also earned his master’s degree in industrial engineering at Ohio State. Thelma decided to be a stay-at-home mom after having their first son, Tim.

At the Air Force R&D division, Ted was involved in a top-secret project involving film used by the U2 spy plane. That film was ultimately used to photograph the missile installations on the island of Cuba.

Back to Denver in 1956, Ted worked at engineering as well as manufacturing firms. Their second son, Todd, was born in 1963. Ted spent 22 years at the Small Business Administration (SBA) of the federal government. There was lots of travel during those years, and Thelma went with him everywhere he went. Ted also taught classes at CU during this time. On the side, Ted designed and built several homes for themselves and for relatives.

Golf is a big part of Ted’s life. They belonged to Rolling Hills Country Club in Denver for 42 years. They also belonged to Solimar Country Club in San Carlos, Mexico for 14 years in the winter months. Ted retired in 1985 at the age of 57. At his retirement party, friends commented that he shouldn’t retire so early, and they questioned what he would do with his time. Ted responded, “Play golf.” The guys said he couldn’t play golf every day, but Ted said, “Watch me!” Ted has now been retired for 35 years and plays golf an average of 335 times each year. That’s almost 12,000 rounds played in retirement!

“TNT” purchased a seasonal home in PebbleCreek in 2000. They loved it here so much, they moved here permanently in 2003. “The people here are marvelous. It’s like all the nice people in the world moved here,” said “TNT.” When Thelma had a medical issue, she received almost a hundred get well cards from PebbleCreekers, and Ted received a similar number on his birthday.

They eat just about every meal at one of PebbleCreek’s eating establishments, and there is a good reason for that. Ted said that Thelma spent a lifetime cooking for him and their sons. As payback, Ted promised Thelma she never had to cook again!

Soon to both be in their 90s, it certainly has been a life well lived!