Thinking of renting your home? Some helpful tips to know…

Jenn Schell, Resident & Guest Services Manager

For many in PebbleCreek, living here year-round is the way of life. For others, long travel or months in another city are the norm. For those folks, renting or leasing their home is something that just may be a great idea. Here is a simple checklist for residents considering renting or leasing their PebbleCreek property:

* All rentals must be one continuous month or longer in length.

* You must register your renters with the Eagle’s Nest Resident and Guest Services prior to them moving into your home. A $25 administrative fee must accompany the PebbleCreek Rental Policy form.

* If a homeowner owns only one property in PebbleCreek, they must relinquish their Homeowner card(s) during the period of the rental. The renter cannot use the Homeowner card(s) but, rather, is given a yellow renter ID card that allows them use of the facilities.

* All renters must provide acceptable evidence of age to both the homeowner and the HOA. PebbleCreek is an age-restricted community and at least one of the renters must be 40 plus years of age. No children under the age of 19 are allowed to reside in PebbleCreek. No more than two renters may be living in the home on a full-time basis.

* Homeowners must provide a copy of the Association Rules to the renter/lessee and the renter/lessee must agree to follow them.

* Renters are approved to use the PebbleCreek amenities, but are not considered Association members.

* Failure of homeowners to register their renters and agreements are subject to fines as outlined in Section 3.4 of the Association Rules.

* Failure of the renters to follow the Association Rules is subject to fines as outlined in Section 6.3 of the Association Rules.

Should you have any additional questions that are not outlined in the rules document, please contact the Resident and Guest Services department at 623-935-6780.