The Greatest Show On Courts

Pancho Epstein

To launch the fifth annual PebbleCreek Pickleball Tournament (Feb. 12-14), Goodyear Mayor Georgia Lord will deliver a welcoming address to the 500 participants from the USA and Canada.

Then the country’s National Anthem will be sung and The Greatest Show on Courts will blast off.

Singing the National Anthems will be Ken Porter, Feb. 12; Byron Freso, Feb. 13; and Gary Luders, Feb. 14. Opening ceremonies on the three days will begin at approximately 7:45 a.m.

Feb. 12 (Wednesday) is Women’s Doubles; Feb. 13 (Thursday) is Mixed Doubles and Feb. 14 (Friday) is Men’s Doubles.

Skill levels are 3.0-5.0 and age groups 50-59; 60-64, 65-69 and 70+.

In this double-elimination tournament, games in the Winner’s Bracket are best two out of three to 11 (win by two). The Opportunity Bracket plays one game to 15 (win by two).

But this isn’t just a major pickleball doubles tournament, this is a humongous three-day happening.

You can start your mornings off at The Sweet Spot (adjacent to court 14), which will offer free homemade sweets by Creekers and free freshly brewed coffee (approximately till 9 a.m.)

Each day will feature an affordable silent auction of a large assortment of pickleball and non-pickleball items.

Plus, vendors will be offering the latest in women’s and men’s sports apparel, jewelry, paddles, health-care treatments, and pickleball mementoes.

During the tournament, the Expressions Gallery and Gift Shop will be selling special items created by PebbleCreek resident artisans. Creations will include pickleball sports towels, PebbleCreek Pickleball hats and bags, quilted items, and glass and ceramic pickleball items. Since Valentine’s Day will be upon us, the Gallery will be selling holiday-themed items decorated with “lovely” hearts and cupids. Items from Expressions will be represented in the vendor area as well as the gift shop, which is adjacent to the courts in the Creative Arts Center.

The gourmet food truck, Wild Thing, will be selling hand-crafted grilled hamburgers, quesadillas, cheese sandwiches, and “the best quarter pound hot dogs in the state,” along with offering a wide assortment of drinks; all at reasonable prices.

There is no admission or parking fee. Pickleball action is approximately 8 a.m.-6 p.m.

Parking will be extremely tight. So, please: walk, ride a bike, or use a golf cart to minimize traffic congestion. Walking (sauntering) is great exercise.

Our 20 dedicated-courts facility is located on the Tuscany side of PebbleCreek. More than 250 PebbleCreek Pickleball Club volunteers will help you have an outstanding experience.

Join us for this exciting event. You’ll find out why pickleball is America’s fastest growing sport.