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Horseshoes Pitched in Park

Mike Mondzak celebrates his first ringer Dec. 1. Horseshoe enthusiasts of all abilities are welcome to play Tuesdays at 9:30 a.m. at PebbleCreek’s Sunrise Park.

Pat Ingalls People seeking another outdoor pastime in this new year will find fun and fellowship pitching horseshoes. A group of players, who dub themselves the All-American Horseshoe Association, gather every Tuesday at 9:30 a.m. at PebbleCreek’s Sunrise Park. Men and women alike are welcome to come try their hand at landing ringers. “We’ve been…

Horseshoe enthusiasm ringing steady

Showing off their new shirts emblazoned with All-America HorseShoe Association are, front row, from left: Jim Sulzer, Bob Ewest, Ted Ingalls, Paul Messina, Tom Bose and Frank Glowinski; back row: Doug Rollins, Steve Gramm, Doug Will, Jim Loeb, Bernie Babcock, Rich Tighe, Jeff Harper, Elliott Rudoy and Tim Irvin. Absent from the photo are regulars Ron Glynn, Vern Henrickson, Patricia Ingalls, Dave Kauchek, Ken Kopps, John McSwiggan, John Mitchell, Dick Oliver and Georgia Weinstein; photo by Paul Messina.

Pat Ingalls Horseshoe players gather at PebbleCreek’s Sunrise Park every Tuesday morning to enjoy pitching ringers and getting dirt on their shoes. “We welcome new players and especially encourage more women to give it a try,” said the group’s organizer Ted Ingalls.