T.T.T. fun and fundraising

Laurie Overson

Did you see the picture of Ruth Walsh on the cover of the December Viva Magazine? Well, here’s another of her.

Ruth is one of our newest T.T.T. Chapter P members and our mission to send girls to camp means so much to her that she has volunteered to have a fundraiser to help us do so. As you may know, Ruth has been a professional photographer for over 30 years. In fact, at one time she was the President of the Professional Photographers of New Mexico. This lady knows what she’s doing!

Ruth is offering professional portraits to you in time for Valentine’s Day. Her normal fee for an 8×10 portrait is $100 but she is offering to do them for $75 each, with all funds going to T.T.T. The fee includes a complimentary clothing consult and, after talking to Ruth, I realize what difference the clothing makes in the overall beauty of the picture. I reiterate, this lady knows what she’s doing!

Sittings for one or two persons (no groups) are being offered from 3:30 p.m. to sunset on Thursday, January 18 and again on Monday, January 22. They will take place in the exquisite outdoor setting of Tuscany Falls with the beautiful lighting we have in the late January afternoons.

Don’t miss this chance of a lifetime to get a professional portrait for a great price, while helping T.T.T. send underprivileged girls to camp. The $75 fee is payable at the time of your sitting and your check should be made out to T.T.T. Chapter P. Ruth is even including complimentary retouching on all portraits!

Please either call Ruth at 623-687-5220 or email her at rwalshphotos@cox.net to set up your appointment time. What a great gift this would make for your family, children or close friends. It could mean more to them than you might imagine. A professional photo is actually priceless.