Spotlight On Advertiser: Pure Patio now a leading supplier for composite furniture

Pure Patio has quickly become one of the nation’s leading retailers offering composite outdoor furniture, an ideal choice for our harsh climate. “Many of our guests that have relocated to Arizona from the North and the East had composite furniture in their prior home. They sold it with their house, know the advantages and purchase it again for their Goodyear home,” says Pure Patio owner, Anesia St. Clair. “We are excited to be one of the only retailers in the valley that offers this material and we try to educate everyone that comes into the store about its advantages,” she adds.

Homeowners that have had a Trex® deck or have replaced the wood planks on their side yard gate with a similar material know how good composite can be. For many, composite patio furniture is a brand-new concept. Unlike Trex®, Pure Patio’s composite furniture is made from recycled gallon milk jugs; approximately 500 of them per chair! The manufacturer brings in millions of dirty, smelly containers, cleans them and grinds them into powder. UV inhibitors and color are added and then lumber is extruded. Lumber is cut into any shape by computerized machines, making the design options very diverse. The product comes in many colors, different textures and many of the chairs are very comfortable with no cushion.

However, there’s no denying that not everyone is a fan of composite material. There are many materials that outdoor furniture is being made with, but lately, poly is the latest craze. This is eco-friendly, and in this outdoor furniture store‘s words, durable, sustainable comfortable and beautiful. Having said this, composite is a new and upcoming competitor.

How does composite fare in our harshest of dry and hot conditions? Great! One of the distinct advantages of this material is that it doesn’t get hot to the touch or retain heat once put into shade. It will not crack or peel, rot, rust or corrode, resists mold, is very easy to clean and is heavy. It’s virtually maintenance free. Wipe it off or hose it down when dirty. It’s perfect for hot, windy, dusty conditions. Sounds like Arizona, right? It’s manufactured with the intention of leaving it outside year-round. While this material was once stereotyped as coastal, or nautical in design, many traditional and contemporary designs are widely available.

The United States recycles a tremendous amount of plastic. Composite furniture uses this plentiful raw material, 500 bottles at a time. It’s a practical investment, environmentally conscious, and will serve you with many years of entertainment and relaxation. We have a retailer right here in Goodyear that specializes in this product and will help you find the pieces that work best for you.

Pure Patio is located in Historic Goodyear at 116 E Western Avenue on the northeast corner of Litchfield Road and Western Avenue. Shop Monday through Saturday and see what’s possible for your back yard.