Singles take the plunge

Shawnee Robison

Splishin’ and a splashin’ in this beautiful pool at our Hostess Diane Staff’s home (one of our members), our 32 fun lovin’ singles had a blast Tuesday, July 11! You just had to see it to believe it!

Not only did we lavish in the triple digit heat, the water and the company—we got to indulge in the most delicious and not too spicy baked chicken, yummy potato salad, Susan M’s delectable, homemade coleslaw (it’s to die for!), two choices of mah-velous baked beans, delicately seasoned summer macaroni salad, tortilla chips with fresh salsa and avocado dip and the ever popular and most delightful American Flag cupcakes-cake topped off the once-yearly, Swim, til ya Drop pool party event!

And, if that description of a great time doesn’t spark your interest in coming and seeing for yourself what our PebbleCreek Singles Club has in store for its members, I don’t know what will!

Becoming a member of one of the best adult, singles, non-profit, energetic, “give back to the community” while enjoying all of the amenities PebbleCreek Singles has to offer club, is as easy as doing a Cannonball splash into any one of their three PebbleCreek community pools!

If you’re interested in playing all sorts of games, hiking, bowling, Bocce Ball, dining out, community plays, movies, learning more about our community, with friends and not sitting home alone and if you’re not yet a member, a PebbleCreek homeowner, renter or even a snowbird—just come to the next meeting on the first Sunday of every month at the Tuscany Falls Ballroom! The doors open at 2:15 p.m. with new member sign-ups starting at 2:30 p.m. Members and guests sign up for coming activities and events from 2:30 to 3:00 p.m. The meeting starts promptly at 3:00 p.m. and after the meeting, you’re invited to join us, across the way, at the Long Drive Lounge for more socializing until we go to a pre-determined local restaurant for a Dutch treat dinner!

If you’d like more information on the club and/or our activities and events, you can slip on over to your computer or your cell and hit: Or you may want to contact our fun-loving leader Frank Rodgers at: franksframes77@ Either way you’ll make a splash by checking us out!

We can’t wait to make your  acquaintance! See you at the next  meeting?