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Teri Sellers

The next meeting of the Alzheimer’s Caregivers Support Group is October 20.

This month, we have decided to devote the entire meeting time to the participants. Every month, we see, hear and learn so much from one another and sometimes we run out of time to just share with one another what is going on in our journey.

It is important to remind ourselves why we have joined a support group. Support groups bring together people who are going through or have gone through similar experiences.

A support group provides an opportunity for people to share personal experiences and feelings, coping strategies or firsthand information about diseases or treatments.

For many people, a support group may fill a gap between medical treatment and the need for emotional support. A person’s relationship with a doctor, or other medical personnel, may not provide adequate emotional support and a person’s family and friends may not understand the impact of a disease or treatment. A support group among people with shared experiences may function as a bridge between medical and emotional needs.

Benefits of participating in a support group may include:

*Feeling less lonely, isolated or judged

*Reducing distress, depression, anxiety or fatigue

*Talking openly and honestly about your feelings

*Improving skills to cope with challenges

*Staying motivated to manage the challenges of the disease process

*Gaining a sense of empowerment, control or hope

*Improving understanding of a disease and your own experience with it

*Getting practical feedback about treatment options

*Learning about health, economic or social resources.

We are the best support for one another.

Respite Care

We may be able to provide free respite care for those with Alzheimer’s/Dementia during the caregiver meeting. This will allow the caregiver the opportunity and peace of mind to attend the discussion group. Please call me with your RSVP no later than Tuesday, October 16.

Monthly Breakfast

A more casual opportunity to meet and share with other caregivers is the first Saturday of each month. We will meet at Eagle’s Nest for breakfast and just talk. Getting to know other caregivers can be very supportive and helpful as the journey of this disease can be challenging. RSVP is required by October 4 for the October 6 breakfast.

For information or to RSVP for respite care or the breakfast, please call Teri Sellers at 602-793-0299 or email