Sewing Club Supports Eagle Mountain Charity

Sewing Club volunteers sewing for EM Reunion auction.

Pam Branfuhr

On Wednesday, January 14, a charity sew day was held in the Creative Arts Center in PebbleCreek. A group of fifteen ladies were there to sew items for the Eagle Mountain Project. Eagle Mountain, California was a company town built by Kaiser Steel. The steel operation was shut down in 1983, creating a ghost town that included the closing of EMHS (Eagle Mountain High School). Left behind, were EMHS band uniforms, choir robes, football equipment, and many other items with EMHS blue and gold school colors and the school logo. Today, Eagle Mountain high school students travel 140 miles once a week to attend the closest high school. On the other days, students take classes online. Since the EMHS closing thirty-six years ago, the townspeople of Eagle Mountain stayed connected through social media.

Recently, current and former Eagle Mountain residents created the EM reunion, “Spirit of Blue and Gold.” The group took all the EMHS items and, through the efforts, generosity, and creativity of the PebbleCreek Sewing Club, they have transformed the blue and gold left-behind-uniforms into other items, including wall hangings, lamps, bags, eyeglass cases, clutch purses, key chains, and other great gifts. All of these items will be available at the auction at the EM reunion scheduled for this year. The proceeds from the auction will be used to help maintain the one remaining school building, Eagle Mountain School. This school is still open for Grades K-8. The goal is to keep the Eagle Mountain School open so that the children can stay in town to attend school.

The ladies who participated in the charity sew were Sue Whaples, Pam Branfuhr, Kristi Littlefield, Judy Frank, Cathy Howell, Mary Sabatello, Rosemary Stoker, Lane Flynn, Patty Kooning, Irene Lukes, Judy Sellers, Edna DeFord, Pam Morrison, Heidi Johnson, and Cindy Santoro.

There is one more sew day scheduled for Wednesday, March 11 at 9 a.m. If you are interested in sewing or want to see the items that have been created, please drop in or contact Pam Branfuhr.

Thank you, ladies, for your time and talents. You are amazing!