Senior Softball Association APS clinic

Fred Dresser

Arizona Public Services (APS) recently held a Fundamentals Clinic for infielders, pitchers and catchers at Robson’s Field of Dreams. A second clinic for outfielders is scheduled for February 2018. APS has been providing this clinic for the past several years and the PCSSA players appreciate their time and effort to instruct those in attendance on the proper way to play the above mentioned positions. Who says you can’t teach old dogs new tricks?

The instructors, aka drill sergeants, consisted of former major league players and a current major league coach whom I’m quite positive enjoyed putting the players through the gauntlet of fielding, hitting and throwing fundamentals. As one of the instructors put it, “We’re here to teach you the right way so you can teach your grandchildren the correct way to play the game.”

We would like to thank APS for bringing these major league players to our field.

A big thank you to the following instructors:

* Ron Davis – New York Yankees

* Lou Klimchock – Cleveland Indians

* John Moses aka “Johnny Mo” – Atlanta Braves (current coach)

* Ken Phelps – Seattle Mariners

A special thank you to Patrick McDermott, APS Community Affairs Manager, and John Hatfield, Vice President Communications, for making these clinics possible.