Saddle up, Singles!

PC Singles live it up at the Saddle Mountain Brewing Company

PC Singles live it up at the Saddle Mountain Brewing Company

Shawnee Robison

Yee-Haw! The PebbleCreek Singles, 35 strong, (I couldn’t get all in the photo!) saddled up, then bellied up to the bar at the Very First Micro Brewery in Arizona’s history, The Saddle Mountain Brewing Company on Roosevelt in Goodyear!

Yep! It was two thumbs up for the venue and the terrific grub, waitress Elizabeth and her cow punchin’ chefs rustled up for us on that Thursday’s Happy Hour adventure! The handsome wranglers at my table ordered up some lip-smackin’ appetizers that were hot out of the fryer, pretzel bites we could dip in their special, beer-based, tasty sauces to start us off right! I handled two, rip-roarin’ beef sliders on pretzel buns and my pardners had the finger-lickin’ good, Italian pizza! The rest of the clan lassoed the rest of their Artisan food and drink menu, which is all prepared fresh to order!

I heared they grabbed some of them Jalapeño Bombers and, Holy Yum Bison burgers and then wrestled some Sweet Endings of Drunken’ Brownies and hand-crafted, Micro brewed Taildraggin, beer!

Just like our PC Singles list of diverse and exciting corral full of activities and events that our Sheriff Kathy Weldon and her fearless posse have ambushed for us this fall, the SMB has a doggone creative, tasty menu, stimulatin’ music to choose from! You won’t have to hog-tie any one of us to go back again!

Now, if you’re a single adult, permanent PC home-owning resident, renter or snowbird and have a hankerin’ fer some, trail blazin, good eatin’ all around our area, Bocce ball, bowling, golf, Riverboat bingo, local concerts and plays, karaoke, board and card games—just good old fun and lots of camaraderie then do a boot scoot into that Mustang and high-tail it on over to become a full-fledged member of one of the fastest growing, non-profit, caring about you, community supporting, down to earth, fun loving and giving singles organizations in PebbleCreek! The meetings are held in the Tuscany Falls Ballroom on the first Sunday of every month where the doors open at 2:00 p.m. and new member sign-ups begin at 2:15. Members and guests sign up for coming events and activities at 2:30 p.m. The meeting starts promptly at 3:00 p.m. followed by a short walk across the way to the Long Drive Lounge for some more socializing before going on to a pre-determined venue for a Dutch treat supper!

If you’re a scratchin’ your head over what else we’re about you can mosey through our easy to use website: or you can yank the chain of our head wrangler Frank Rodgers at!

I’ll be a waitin’ to see you ride on up to the double glass doors at the Tuscany Falls Ballroom next month, pardner! Yee-Haw!