Rovin’ Pebbles Lake Pleasant Rally

Pam Loo

The Rovin’ Pebbles headed out on Monday, October 23 to Lake Pleasant, one of the most important artificial reservoirs in the Phoenix metropolitan area. A total of 19 rigs participated kicking off the caravan with happy hour followed by a potluck dinner that featured a larg.ariety of food including fantastic desserts.

The following day we traveled by car to Wickenburg to tour the Desert Caballeros Western Museum. This included a presentation by Captain Robert Olds, U.S. Navy (retired) on his experiences commanding the U.S.S. Hassayampa, a supply and refueling ship during the Vietnam War. It should be noted that the Hassayampa River runs through Wickenburg.

Afterward we had an enjoyable lunch in the outdoor patio at Rancho Bar 7, a short walk from the museum. After lunch the group broke up with some going back to the museum; others walked around Wickenburg or went back to the campground. The evening wrapped up with happy hour with food and beverage.

Wednesday was YOYO Day which means “You’re On Your Own.” Members participated in area activities from golf, boat rentals, fishing, hiking trails and or just relaxing. And of course, the late afternoon Happy Hour was filled with stories about what everyone did with their free day.

Our last full day started out like the others with the 7:30 a.m. coffee and morning munchies and then 23 members carpooled to Pleasant Harbor Marina for the hour and a half Lake Pleasant Cruise. It was a perfect day on the water and we saw some wild burros that were ancestors of the burros left behind in the 1800s from the local miners. The relaxing boat ride had .ery informed captain who narrated the history of Lake Pleasant as we cruised around the lake.

At the conclusion of the lake cruise we walked the deck over to Dillon’s Restaurant for happy hour and dinner. That evening members sat around a campfire ready to make S’mores but realized no one had graham crackers or chocolate in their rig. We had to settle on marshmallows only and surprisingly we survived! Great conversation followed and we started to wind down knowing that the next morning we will all break camp and go home.

Wagon Masters were Doug and Cyndee Krause; Co-Wagon Masters were DK and Pam Loo.