Ranalli, Green and Tiger share the 2017 PCMGA hole-in-one prize

Howie Tiger

The PebbleCreek Men’s Golf Association awards an annual hole-in-one prize to its members that score a hole-in-one during any PCMGA held event. In 2017 that prize was shared by Gino Ranalli, Dave Green and Howie Tiger as they hit those fantastic shots while playing in a PCMGA event.

When PCMGA members renew their membership, $5 is collected from each member who wishes to participate in the hole-in-one fund. The amount collected is then split between all members who score a hole-in-one during a PCMGA event held in that calendar year.

2017 was a rare year in that no one named “Jerry” shared in the prize. In the last two years, four “Jerrys” (Treece, Monk, Davis and White) had made holes-in-one and took home the cash.

Gino Ranalli: In April, Gino made the first hole-in-one of the 2017 PCMGA season on the 17th hole at Eagle’s Nest. He hit a hybrid from the white tee 140 yards to a left-side front pin. Gino did not see the ball go in the hole and thought it had gone over the green. His playing partner checked the back bunker and said, “It’s not in the bunker, check the hole!” Gino looked in the hole and there it was. This was Gino’s fourth hole-in-one. His other three came at Discovery Bay Golf Course in northern California where he used to live before settling in PebbleCreek.

Dave Green: On July 6, Dave made his hole-in-one on the 12th hole at Eagle’s Nest. He hit a solid 6-iron from 170 yards from the blue tee to a back left pin. Dave hit a little right-to-left shot onto the green. One of his playing partners thought it ended up in the shadow of a nearby tree. Dave said, “No, I think it went in.” Dave checked the hole and he was right. This was Dave’s second hole-in-one. His first came at Highland Hills Golf Club in Westminster, Colorado where he used to live. Dave has been a fireman for 39 years and is currently stationed at the Gilbert, AZ Fire Rescue. We thank him for his service.

Howie Tiger: On September 21, Howie scored his hole-in-one on the 7th hole of the Lakes course. He hit a hybrid 155 yards from the blue tee to a back pin. One of his playing partners thought it might have gone in, but a ridge on the green prohibited seeing it go in for sure. Arriving at the green, Howie first checked the rough over the green and the sand trap. Then he looked in the hole. An awesome feeling for sure. This was Howie’s seventh hole-in one. He previously had two at PebbleCreek, two in upstate New York, one at Antelope Hills in Prescott and one at TPC Champions in Scottsdale. By coincidence, he had his eighth hole-in-one two months later on the 7th hole on the Lakes, but not during a PCMGA event.

Congrats to the three winners!