Pro’s Corner

Jason Whitehill, PGA

Q. I am hitting the ball solidly but it is flying higher than usual and I have lost a lot of distance.

A. You are very likely not using your lower body efficiently and you are flat-footed at impact. Many players, including low handicappers, get trapped into this move and don’t feel it as they finish with the weight on the front foot and are in a balanced good finish position; however, we find this problem usually using video playback and seeing that the rear foot is still flat on the ground at impact. The legs and hips should initiate the forward motion and the right knee (right-handed players) should be ahead of the ball at impact. There should be some space under rear foot at impact with the foot banked toward the target. If you work on your leg drive, the ball will go lower and you should regain the distance.

Q. I have lost a lot of distance and no matter how hard I swing the driver, results are the same.

A. From your mention of swinging hard, you could be squeezing the club too hard. If you feel any tension in your forearms at address, you are holding the club too tight. Try relaxing your hands but feel the last three fingers of your top hand being in control and hold your final position making sure that your weight is on your front foot and that you are balanced with the rear foot up with small amount of weight on the toe.