Pottery/Sculpture featured artist


Jeff Wilson

Susan (pronounced Suzanne) Hill is this month’s featured Pottery/Sculpture Club artist.

Susan is a well-traveled lady, first as a child born into a military family and later traveling the world accompanying her husband on business.

Susan’s artistic interests for many years were focused on collecting jewelry stones, rocks and other crafty items. As she says, “Somewhere in there I knew I was going to do some art, someday. LOL.”

Susan’s Egyptian style sculptures reflect the influence of a recent trip to New York and .isit to the Metropolitan Museum’s Egyptian exhibit.

Susan admits she was initially reluctant to sign up for a pottery class but credits her patient instructors and other club members for her rapid progress.

Many of Susan’s sculptures are o.iew in the display windows outside the Pottery/Sculpture Room in the Creative Arts Center.

The Pottery/Sculpture Club invites everyone to view the display windows where Susan’s and other beautiful projects by first time potters are on exhibit, and to come into the pottery room any afternoon to meet the instructors and see work in progress.