Pickleball Women Play to Climb up The Ladder

Cynthia Schwartz

Starting in mid-October and running until April, more than seventy women pickleball players participated in the PebbleCreek Pickleball Ladies’ Ladder. Ladder is an event intended to provide competitive matches between players of similar abilities.

Once a week, players in groups of four play a match of three games to 15 points. In the three games, each player will partner with each of the other three players. The outcome of the match is determined by each player’s total number of points scored in all three games. Players finish either first, second, third, or fourth based on their point total. The player with the most total points in the three games advances to the next higher group (climbs the ladder) and the player with the least points drops to the next lower rung the ladder. Players are re-ranked each week according to match outcomes. Every player has the opportunity to win more points the next week and move up the ladder.

Like other pickleball clubs, Ladder is a popular activity. It provides an opportunity for players to compete and improve their skills by trying to “climb up the ladder.” Theresa Carter is the Ladder Captain for PCPB Club’s Ladies’ Ladder.

For more information on Ladies’ Ladder, click on LADDER on Court Reserve. You can also contact Theresa directly at therecart@gmail.com.

Pickleball is one of the fastest growing sports, especially in active adult communities. The PebbleCreek Pickleball Club is one of the largest clubs in the United States and has over 1500 members. If you are interested in learning to play pickleball or joining the club, visit pcpickleball.org or come down to the courts!