Pickleball Players Are Back on the Tournament Circuit

Gold Medalists 4.5 Skill Level, Age 50+, Andrea Dilger and Steve Manns

Gold Medalists 4.5 Skill Level, Age 50+, Andrea Dilger and Steve Manns

Cynthia Schwartz

PebbleCreek Pickleball Club players are back on the tournament circuit. In October, 451 players participated in the Arizona Open at the Mesa Tennis Center in Gene Autry Park. This event was a Pro-Am tournament, drawing some of the top professional players in the sport and amateur players from Alaska to Florida. Thirteen members of PebbleCreek Pickleball Club participated in the Arizona Open and won in five events.

PebbleCreek Winners

Gold Medalists: Men’s Doubles Skill Level 3.0, Age: 50+, Steve Tamparo and Jeff Antrican

Gold Medalists: Mixed Doubles Skill Level 4.5, Age: 50+, Andrea Dilger and Steve Manns

Silver Medalists: Mens’ Doubles Skill Level 4.5, Age 50+, Steven Schaefer and Steve Manns

Silver Medalist: Women’s Doubles Skill Level 4.5, Age 35+, Jo Comstock and Heather Frackrell (Estrella)

Silver Medalists: Women’s Doubles Skill Level 3.0, Age 60+, Susan Slaughter and Michelle Moskos

Susan Slaughter commented, “Last year, Michele Moskos and I played as partners for the first time at the PebbleCreek Tournament and we won silver. So, this is the second time that we have played together and won silver again! Due to COVID, outside spectators were not allowed, but we still had fun. The organizers converted tennis courts to pickleball courts. There were a lot of lines to look at.”

Jeff Antrican and Steve Tamparo partnered up for the first time, winning gold in their category. This team’s secret to winning is having fun and maintaining a great sense of humor. Jeff said, “Steve and I took a timeout during our gold medal match and asked our opponents to take our picture with the Schaefer-Manns gold medal match going on in the court behind us. They did!” Steve commented, “Our success is our communication and our fastness. Jeff has a fast mouth, and I have fast feet.”

Congratulations to PebbleCreek Pickleball Club winners and their partners.