Pickleball Mixed Doubles Final Four Event

Pam Smith

PebbleCreek Mixed Doubles Final Four Event: November 13, 2017

Teams played an initial seeding match, then moved into groups of four teams each. Each team played three games against the other teams in their group for a total of nine games. The team with the most wins finished first. Ties were broken by the head-to-head match winner. Congratulations to all the medal winners! Great fun, great weather and great games!

Group 1: 1st – Carla Woodward, Sheldon Tencer, 2nd – Mary Marlow, Scott Beseda. Group 2: 1st – Bob Chester, Renee Chester, 2nd – Chris Morlan, Bill Arsenault. Group 3: 1st – Karyn Davies, David Kremsdorf. 2nd – Carol Knapp, Byron Knapp. Group 4: 1st – Theresa Meyers, Steve Cain, 2nd – Robin Weaver, John Brown. Group 5: 1st – Martha Urbin, Steve Urbin, 2nd – Candy Rickard, Troney Hutchins. Group 6: 1st – Andrea Dilger, Mark Buckingham, 2nd – Kim Ebert, Brent Ebert. Group 7: 1st – Sheri Sears, Rod Ellison, 2nd – Sandy Crabtree, Alex Potapoff. Group 8: 1st – Jill Lewis, Jim Barbe, 2nd – Lynn Lionhardt, Dan Schuler